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At the restaurant Siren by Robert Wiedmaier, pastry chef Maddy Morrissey uses marigold as the base for a Japanese dessert served with nasturtium leaves, flower petals and pineapple sage shortbread. Brian McBride/RWRestaurant Group hide caption

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Brian McBride/RWRestaurant Group

Leah Penniman made it her goal to start a farm for her neighbors, and to provide fresh food to refugees, immigrants and people affected by mass incarceration. Jamel Mosely/NPR hide caption

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Jamel Mosely/NPR

Amanda McKee, owner of 1870 Farm, leads her baby alpaca, Xanadu, into the farm office before finalizing preparations for the storm. McKee says that many of the animals on the agritourism farm are rescues with traumatic pasts and that moving them to artificial environments for the storm will only add to their stress. Madeline Gray for NPR hide caption

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Madeline Gray for NPR

Along the back of this field of sugar snap peas, sunflowers and bachelor buttons at Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center is a buffer of maturing big-leaf maples and red-osier dogwoods. It's a combination of forest and thicket that the farm has left standing to help protect water quality in the river and aquifer. Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center hide caption

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Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center

Oyster farmer and scientist Lisa Calvo leads a team of women that harvests oysters along the New Jersey coast. Calvo says she is inspired by the tenacity, skill and grit of women now coming into the industry. Jenn Hall/NPR hide caption

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Jenn Hall/NPR

The family-owned Wholesum Harvest had to meet a checklist of more than 300 standards — including many worker protections — to become the first American farm certified by Fair Trade USA. Workers at its Nogales, Ariz., tomato farm recently received a check for more than $30,000 — workers will collectively decide how to spend it. Courtesy of Wholesum Harvest hide caption

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Courtesy of Wholesum Harvest

Taylor Hutchinson says having subsidized health care costs has been critical to being able to start a farm with her partner, Jake Mendell. Kathleen Masterson/Vermont Public Radio hide caption

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Kathleen Masterson/Vermont Public Radio

Pictured in the corn fields of the student-managed farm she helped run this summer, Taryn Riediger is an aspiring farmer. After graduating, she expects to work livestock for someone else before possibly returning to her family's farm. Amy Mayer/Harvest Public Media hide caption

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Amy Mayer/Harvest Public Media