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Headphone company Ossic announced Saturday it was shutting down, having delivered just 250 of the 10,000 pairs of virtual reality headphones that its backers had crowdfunded. David Becker/Getty Images hide caption

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David Becker/Getty Images

The new Apple iPhone 7 lacks a separate headphone jack, which makes people wonder how they can charge the phone while listening to music through a wired headphone via the Lightning connector. Apple's answer: a separate dock that starts at $39. Stephen Lam/Getty Images hide caption

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Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses the company's new wireless AirPods headphones during an event in San Francisco on Wednesday in which Apple also presented the iPhone 7. Bloomberg via Getty Images hide caption

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Bloomberg via Getty Images
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Apple May Test iPhone Users' Loyalty If It Dumps The Headphone Jack

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