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A boy carries a sack of grain from a dugout canoe to shore in the village of Ambohitsara in eastern Madagascar, characterized as a low-income country by the World Bank. Samantha Reinders for NPR hide caption

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Samantha Reinders for NPR

The latest Pakistani crackdown on aid groups isn't the first. Above: A policeman stands guard outside the office of Save the Children in Islamabad, which was shuttered by Pakistani authorities in June 2015 under suspicion of "working against the country," according to government officials. Aamir Qureshi /AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Aamir Qureshi /AFP/Getty Images

Thousands of Haitians were promised homes by aid groups like the American Red Cross in the wake of the earthquake in 2010. Instead, many were given temporary shelters without bathrooms, kitchens or running water. Marie Arago for NPR hide caption

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Marie Arago for NPR