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Chef Michael Scelfo of Cambridge, Mass., left, and Lisa Carlson, who operates three food trucks in Minneapolis, collaborate on the Glynwood dinner's spelt salad with lamb tongues and hearts, and "ugly" cherries, shiitakes, and kale. Lela Nargi/NPR hide caption

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Lela Nargi/NPR

Boiled octopus, a recipe for "reliably tender, flavorful octopus that can be used as it is, or as a basis for fried or grilled octopus dishes," write Richard Horsey and Tim Wharton in Ugly Food. "Octopus is also totally sustainable, very economical and incredibly versatile — the various methods of preparation and cooking lend it subtly different flavors," says Wharton. Couresty of Tanya Ghosh hide caption

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Couresty of Tanya Ghosh