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A fan-throated lizard displays his dewlap sac in front of Asia's largest wind farm in the Western Ghats mountains of India. The construction of the windmills altered the habitat of the lizards dramatically. Prasenjeet Yadav hide caption

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Prasenjeet Yadav

An aerial view of Hawaii's East Island after it was struck by Hurricane Walaka last month. The island, home to endangered monk seals and Hawaiian green sea turtles, nearly disappeared after the storm. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association hide caption

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

Rothschild's giraffe at Lake Nakuru, Great Rift Valley, Kenya. A community project at Kenya's Lake Baringo is attempting to save the subspecies. Education Images/UIG via Getty Images hide caption

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Education Images/UIG via Getty Images

'A Silent Extinction': Finding Peace And Saving Giraffes On A Lake In Kenya

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