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Apsara Bharati is watching over her field in Nepal, where she and her neighbors are using the system of rice intensification to plant seedlings. Danielle Preiss/NPR hide caption

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Danielle Preiss/NPR

Nepalese Rice Farmers Boost Yields By Sowing Fewer Plants And Cutting Water

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Red-bellied lemurs in Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar. Researchers who observed nine of the animals there could clearly see them sniffing fruit and deciding whether to eat it based on how it smelled. N. Rowe & Centre ValBio hide caption

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N. Rowe & Centre ValBio

Arkansas farmer David Wildy inspects a field of soybeans that were damaged by dicamba. The pesticide ban is tied up in courts, leaving farmers uncertain about what to plant. Dan Charles/NPR hide caption

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Dan Charles/NPR

Some of the "milks" on offer by Elmhurst Milked, which operated as a traditional dairy in New York for nearly 100 years. These days, Elmhurst has replaced cows with nuts, oats and rice. Courtesy of Elmhurst Milked hide caption

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Courtesy of Elmhurst Milked

Already, Ripple has expanded its offerings to include a creamy half-and-half and, this month, a Greek-style yogurt, both of which can be used in cooking. Caitlin Maddox-Smith/Ripple Foods hide caption

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Caitlin Maddox-Smith/Ripple Foods