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Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pose for a photo during their meeting in Sochi, Russia, Tuesday. Sergei Chirikov/AP hide caption

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Sergei Chirikov/AP

U.S.-backed Kurdish militants seem to be in talks with the Syrian regime to hand over the city of Manbij. Turkey has threatened an offensive against the town if the Kurds remain in control. Here, members of the Kurdish internal security force are seen in a photo from March. Hussein Malla/AP hide caption

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Hussein Malla/AP

Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army soldiers celebrate around a statue of Kawa, a mythology figure in Kurdish culture as they prepare to destroy it in city center of Afrin, northwestern Syria, early Sunday. Hasan Kirmizitas/AP hide caption

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Hasan Kirmizitas/AP

Caleb Stevens (fourth from left) in Raqqa, Syria, with other members of his unit. Stevens, a 23-year-old from Michigan, traveled to Syria to fight with the Kurdish People's Protection Units or YPG. Courtesy of Caleb Stevens hide caption

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Courtesy of Caleb Stevens