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Grandfather Issam kisses his grandson Rayan goodbye before the 4-year-old left to enter Iraq. Issam did not have papers to cross. "Separation has killed the people. It's destroyed a generation. War is without a purpose," Issam said, crying. Cecilia Uddén hide caption

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Cecilia Uddén

Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army soldiers celebrate around a statue of Kawa, a mythology figure in Kurdish culture as they prepare to destroy it in city center of Afrin, northwestern Syria, early Sunday. Hasan Kirmizitas/AP hide caption

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Hasan Kirmizitas/AP

Caleb Stevens (fourth from left) in Raqqa, Syria, with other members of his unit. Stevens, a 23-year-old from Michigan, traveled to Syria to fight with the Kurdish People's Protection Units or YPG. Courtesy of Caleb Stevens hide caption

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Courtesy of Caleb Stevens