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Ethan and Searcher Clade stare out at a strange new world. Disney hide caption

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A scene from Priya's Mask, a new comic book and animated film that tackles the challenges around the pandemic. It's the latest installment of the Indian superhero series Priya. Syd Fini, Hamid Bahrami and Neda Kazemifar hide caption

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Syd Fini, Hamid Bahrami and Neda Kazemifar

Master guitar maker Arnulfo Rubio Orozco holds up his latest project. It's taken him a month to craft this guitar with pearl accents and wood from southern Mexico. Carrie Kahn/NPR hide caption

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Carrie Kahn/NPR

A Town In Mexico Sees Guitar Sales Soar Thanks To The Movie 'Coco'

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