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Okra slime changes when its pH changes. To make okra less slimy, says botanist Katherine Preston, cook it with an acid, which changes the properties of the molecules in the mucilage and renders it far less viscous. Southerners cook okra with tomatoes, which provide plenty of acid. Mary Mathis/NPR hide caption

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Mary Mathis/NPR

Cherry blossom trees, known as sakura, flourished in Japan. Fairchild imported several dozen trees for his own property in Chevy Chase, Md., and after seeing how much people liked them, he helped negotiate a larger shipment of trees to be planted around the Tidal Basin near the Washington Monument. David Fairchild/Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden hide caption

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David Fairchild/Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

Like Lemons? Quinoa? Thank This Food Explorer For Bringing Them To Your Plate

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