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Police officers respond to a call that an active shooter had reportedly injured 24 students at Chillicothe High School in Chillicothe, Ohio, in September. The call turned out to be a hoax. Similar scenes have played out at schools across the country in recent weeks. Chillicothe Police Department/Screenshot by NPR hide caption

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Chillicothe Police Department/Screenshot by NPR

Those fake active shooter calls to schools? A similar thing happened before

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LA County Sheriff's patrol cars leave El Camino High School in Whittier, Calif., on Wednesday. A 17-year-old student threatened to open fire at the school days after the massacre at a Florida school. An alert security guard who overheard him reported it to police, who went to the boy's home and found two AR-15 rifles, authorities said Wednesday. Reed Saxon/AP hide caption

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Reed Saxon/AP