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Democratic presidential candidates former Vice President Joe Biden (left), Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg (right) debate different ways to expand health coverage in America. John Minchillo/AP hide caption

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John Minchillo/AP

In Hamburg, Germany, estimated life expectancy in the city's poorer neighborhoods still trails wealthier neighborhoods by 13 years. Juergen Sack/Getty Images hide caption

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Juergen Sack/Getty Images

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., at an Oakland, Calif., campaign rally this week. Harris says she backs a single-payer health system, but she hasn't yet offered details on how she would finance that plan. Mason Trinca/Getty Images hide caption

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Mason Trinca/Getty Images

Protesters marched in London on Feb. 3 to demand more money for Britain's National Health Service, as winter conditions are thought to have put a severe strain on the system. Yui Mok/AP hide caption

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Yui Mok/AP

U.K. Hospitals Are Overburdened, But The British Love Their Universal Health Care

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