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Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall's office asked the Alabama Supreme Court on Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2024, to set an execution date for Alan Eugene Miller, shown here in 1999. Dave Martin/AP hide caption

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Dave Martin/AP

Farmers gather with their vehicles next to a Germany/Netherlands border sign during a protest on the A1 highway/ VINCENT JANNINK/ANP/AFP via Getty Images hide caption

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Heating up the weekend with three climate indicators

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Endophytes are microbes that live inside plants — the ones tagged with a fluorescent dye in this image are found in poplars. The microbes gather nitrogen from the air, turning it into a form plants can use, a process called nitrogen fixation. Researchers are looking at how these microbes could be used to help crops like rice and corn make their own fertilizer. Sam Scharffenberger hide caption

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Sam Scharffenberger