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Jeannine sorts through a binder of writing assignments from her therapy. In keeping a journal about her past experiences with pain, she noticed that the pain symptoms began when she was around 8 — a time of escalating family trauma at home. Jessica Pons for NPR hide caption

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Jessica Pons for NPR

Can You Reshape Your Brain's Response To Pain?

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Well-kept parks, clean air and water, safe and friendly neighborhoods: these and many other factors outside our control contribute to health. WIN-Initiative/Getty Images/WIN-Initiative RM hide caption

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WIN-Initiative/Getty Images/WIN-Initiative RM

Participation in team sports as a teen may help protect against the long-term mental health effects of childhood trauma. Hero Images/Getty Images hide caption

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Nearly 62 percent of respondents had at least one ACE and a quarter reported three or more. The remaining respondents had at least two ACEs, including 16 percent with four or more such experiences. Elva Etienne/Getty Images hide caption

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