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Deborah Lee for NPR

An anti-government protester walks near a bus that was set on fire by other protesters during clashes between rebel and loyalist soldiers in Caracas, Venezuela, on Tuesday. Fernando Llano/AP hide caption

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Fernando Llano/AP

Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed acting president Juan Guaido stands under the national flag during a gathering with supporters after members of the Bolivarian National Guard joined his campaign to oust President Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas on April 30. Federico Parra/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Federico Parra/AFP/Getty Images

Protesters took to the streets Saturday with tensions rising between opposition leader Juan Guaidó and President Nicolás Maduro, as crisis-wracked Venezuela began to emerge from the chaos of an electricity blackout. Matias Delacroix/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Matias Delacroix/AFP/Getty Images

This 2018 photo released by Florida-based WPLG TV shows U.S. journalist Cody Weddle in Caracas, Venezuela. Weddle was seized by security forces at his apartment early Wednesday, according to lawyers and press freedom groups. AP hide caption

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Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó waves to supporters from inside a car as he leaves his hotel next to his wife, Fabiana Rosales, in Salinas, Ecuador, on Sunday. Rodrigo Buendia/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Rodrigo Buendia/AFP/Getty Images

Demonstrators throw stones at a line of Venezuelan National Guard troops along Venezuela's border with Brazil, at the Brazilian city of Pacaraima on Sunday. Ricardo Moraes/Reuters hide caption

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Ricardo Moraes/Reuters

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López delivers a message of support for Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in Caracas, Venezuela, on Thursday. A half-dozen generals belonging largely to district commands and with direct control over thousands of troops joined Maduro in accusing the United States of meddling in Venezuela's affairs and said they would uphold the socialist leader's rule. Venezuelan Defense Ministry press office via AP hide caption

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Venezuelan Defense Ministry press office via AP

Why Venezuela's Military May Be Standing By Maduro, For Now

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