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Rosa Ramírez cries as she looks at photos of her son Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez, 25, and granddaughter Valeria, nearly 2, while speaking to journalists at her home in San Martín, El Salvador, on Tuesday. The drowned bodies of her son and granddaughter were found Monday morning on the banks of the Rio Grande. Antonio Valladares/AP hide caption

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Antonio Valladares/AP

U.S. Border Patrol agents found four bodies near the Rio Grande river along Anzalduas Park, close to McAllen, Texas. In this file photo, a Border Patrol boat is seen on the river along Anzalduas Park. Shannon Stapleton/Reuters hide caption

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Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

U.S. citizens use ropes to cross the Rio Grande from San Antonio del Bravo, Mexico, into Candelaria, Texas. U.S. citizens depend on the free health clinic in San Antonio del Bravo. Lorne Matalon for NPR hide caption

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Lorne Matalon for NPR

In Rural West Texas, Illegal Border Crossings Are Routine For U.S. Citizens

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Rancher Hugh Fitzsimons stands next to a pile of debris migrants left behind once they crossed into the United States. Veronica G. Cardenas/Texas Public Radio hide caption

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Veronica G. Cardenas/Texas Public Radio