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Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey delivers her State of the State address on March 7. On Friday, the governor announced she had replaced her director of early childhood education over the use of a teacher training book. Julie Bennett/AP hide caption

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Julie Bennett/AP

Holman Correctional Facility is one of the Alabama prisons that the Justice Department alleges inmates are subjected to excessive force by prison staff. This photo, taken in 2019, shows a sign that reads, "HELP," in the window of an inmate cell seen during a tour with state officials. Kim Chandler/AP hide caption

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Kim Chandler/AP

The sanctuary at Briarwood Presbyterian Church, in Birmingham, Ala. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed legislation permitting the church to hire its own police force. Anthony Izaguirre/AP hide caption

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Anthony Izaguirre/AP