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This undated photo provided by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority in August 2022 shows a newly hatched Kemp's ridley sea turtle making its way out to the Gulf of Mexico from Louisiana's Chandeleur Islands. Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority/AP hide caption

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Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority/AP

The South Padre Island Convention Center opened its doors and took in thousands of sea turtles cold-stunned during the Valentine's Week Winter Storm. UT Marine Science Institute hide caption

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UT Marine Science Institute

Texas 'Cold-Stun' Of 2021 Was Largest Sea Turtle Rescue In History, Scientists Say

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Sea turtle hatchlings make their way to the water last month at Al-Mansouri Beach in Lebanon, which is reporting a flourishing turtle population. Yara Khasab/Orange House Project hide caption

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Yara Khasab/Orange House Project