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As part of studying long COVID, graduate researcher Bradley Wade Hamilton separates out microclots from blood platelets in a solution. Anil Oza/NPR hide caption

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Anil Oza/NPR

A team of nurses, patient care technicians and a respiratory therapist prepare to return a COVID patient to their back after 24 hours of lying on their stomach. That posture makes it easier to breathe and is a critical part of treatment for COVID patients in hospitals. Alan Hawes/Medical University of South Carolina hide caption

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Alan Hawes/Medical University of South Carolina

Intimate portraits of a hospital COVID unit from a photojournalist-turned-nurse

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From left: Home cooked food at Srabasti Ghosh's home, ready for delivery. A volunteer delivers food to COVID-19 patients outside their home. Ghosh (right) with a friend who has joined to help. Srabasti Ghosh hide caption

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Srabasti Ghosh

Carlos Reyes, a certified nursing assistant in Massachusetts, says the nursing homes where he works told him he could not get vaccinated because he is a contract worker. He has since tested positive for the coronavirus. Meredith Nierman/GBH hide caption

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Meredith Nierman/GBH

Nerissa Black works as a telemetry nurse at the Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital in Valencia, Calif. Since early December, she's been tasked with caring for six critically ill patients per shift instead of four. Nerissa Black hide caption

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Nerissa Black