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A two decade-long drought on the Colorado River is drying up reservoirs. Droughts there and in California are bringing new scrutiny to the way Western states decide whose water allotment gets cut back. John Locher/AP hide caption

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John Locher/AP

Federal troops block the road near Wounded Knee in March 1973. AFP/AFP via Getty Images hide caption

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AFP/AFP via Getty Images

Native Americans seized Wounded Knee 50 years ago. Here's what 1 reporter remembers

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A screenshot of a portion of the interactive map from Native Land Digital shows which Native territories have inhabited different regions of the Americas, based on a variety of historical and Indigenous sources. Native Land Digital/Screenshot by NPR hide caption

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Native Land Digital/Screenshot by NPR

Save the Redwoods League has donated more than 500 acres of redwood forestland to the InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council, a coalition of Native tribes that have been connected to the land for thousands of years. Max Forster/Save The Redwoods League hide caption

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Max Forster/Save The Redwoods League

Annie Parfait, a Houma Nation elder, sits outside her home in Dulac, La., on Sept. 21, three weeks after Hurricane Ida made landfall in southeast Louisiana. Parfait, 70, rode out the storm at the Houma Nation Headquarters in Houma, La. Annie Flanagan for NPR hide caption

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Annie Flanagan for NPR