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NPR corrects significant errors in broadcast and online reports. Corrections of errors will be made in audio archives, written transcripts and on the website. To report an error, please use our corrections form.

Weekend Edition Saturday

Jimmy Hoffa: Still Searching. Still Waiting

Corrected on June 19, 2018

In the audio of this story, as in a previous Web version, we incorrectly say Jimmy Hoffa was pardoned. In fact, Hoffa's sentence was commuted, but there was no pardon.

Weekend Edition Saturday

2 Immigrants On What Patriotism Means To Them

Corrected on May 26, 2018

A previous introduction to this audio incorrectly said Laila Lalami came to the U.S. as a child. She was an adult when she arrived.

Weekend Edition Saturday

Texas Community Comes To Terms With Latest School Shooting

Corrected on May 22, 2018

A previous Web introduction to this story incorrectly said Scott Simon spoke with Jennifer Jones, the mother of a former student at Santa Fe High School. Simon's conversation was with NPR correspondent John Burnett.

Weekend Edition Saturday

10 Killed When Gunman Opens Fire In Texas High School

Corrected on May 19, 2018

A previous introduction to this audio incorrectly said nine students and one teacher died. The victims were eight students and two teachers. In addition, it incorrectly said the school was in Galveston, Texas. It is located in Santa Fe.

Weekend Edition Saturday

The Fortnite Craze Might Be Here To Stay

Corrected on May 5, 2018

A previous version of this story misspelled the last name of Joost van Dreunen, the CEO of Superdata Research, as van Dreuner. In addition, the story incorrectly reported that Skyler Holman's first name was Skyla.

Weekend Edition Saturday

Why Do Russian Journalists Keep Falling?

Corrected on April 21, 2018

In the audio of this story, as well as in an earlier Web version, lawyer Nikolai Gorokhov is incorrectly described as being in a coma. He has recovered from his March 2017 fall.

Weekend Edition Saturday

What We Mean When We Talk About 'Suburban Women Voters'

Corrected on April 7, 2018

An earlier version of this story incorrectly said Georgia's 2017 special congressional election was in May. The election was in April, and the runoff was in June.

Weekend Edition Saturday

How A Famous Fraud Brought A Kind Of Hope In 'I Was Anastasia'

Corrected on March 24, 2018

In the audio version of this interview, Alexander Kerensky is incorrectly identified as a Bolshevik leader. Kerensky was not a Bolshevik; he was briefly prime minister of the Russian provisional government in 1917.

Weekend Edition Saturday

In Ohio, Some Teachers Have Been Armed For Years

Corrected on February 28, 2018

A previous Web introduction to this story incorrectly said that the Ohio program trains teachers who will open-carry firearms. The program is for concealed-carry training.

Weekend Edition Saturday

Sometimes We Feel More Comfortable Talking To A Robot

Corrected on February 24, 2018

In a previous version of this story, Brent Hoff's last name was misspelled as Huff. In addition, the story incorrectly said Alexander Reben's experiments began while he was working on his Ph.D. He was actually working on his master's at the time.

Weekend Edition Saturday

Rep. Jackie Speier On Indictment Of Russians

Corrected on February 18, 2018

In an earlier version of this post, Rep. Speier was identified as representing Florida. She represents California.

Weekend Edition Saturday

School Shootings Are Sad, But No Longer Surprising

Corrected on January 27, 2018

In the audio, as in a previous Web version, we incorrectly say that at least 16 people were shot in addition to the two fatalities. Not all of those who were injured were shot.