Museum Shooting Suspect Has Long Trail Of Vitriol Anti-Semitic writings, arrests and prison time pepper the life of James W. von Brunn. He is the author of a book titled Kill The Best Gentiles and once attempted what he portrayed as a citizen's arrest of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.
NPR logo Museum Shooting Suspect Has Long Trail Of Vitriol

Museum Shooting Suspect Has Long Trail Of Vitriol

The man suspected of walking into the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and opening fire Wednesday has a long trail of vitriol and vindictiveness.

According to the AskART Web site, which features the work of James W. von Brunn, he was born in St. Louis on July 11, 1920. The birth date jibes with real estate records of a James W. von Brunn who lives in Maryland. He is listed as living in either Annapolis or Easton.

The artists' Web site also says that von Brunn's father, Elmer, was the superintendent of Scullin Steel Mill in St. Louis. It contains a lengthy biography provided by the artist, whose studio is in Easton, Md. As an artist he paints portraits and illustrations.

Under style, the artist has listed "Realist."

The autobiography on AskART states that Elmer von Brunn designed a 40 mm shell plant for the government in Houston. He and his wife, Hope Wenneker, had two children, James and Alyce.

Von Brunn writes that he was educated in the public school system and entered Washington University in 1938. According to Sue McGinn of the media relations office of Washington University in St. Louis, a James von Brunn graduated in 1943.

On the artists' Web site, von Brunn writes that he studied art but changed to journalism when he discovered that the art department was dominated by "Marxist/Liberal concepts."

Upon graduation, he writes, he joined the Navy. In the autobiography, von Brunn put the word Holocaust in quotation marks. He writes of exhibiting his paintings and of illustrating books.

Eventually, he set up an ad agency on the Eastern Shore. He writes of a brawl at a Cambridge bar after making a crude comment about Chief Justice Abe Fortas. Von Brunn was arrested and served some time in jail. He then writes of fearing for his life because of people who conspired against him.

He served more time in jail for his attempt to make what he portrayed as a citizen's arrest of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in 1981. The Associated Press reported that von Brunn pulled a shotgun on a security guard at the Federal Reserve Board headquarters. Von Brunn also was carrying a pistol, a hunting knife and a fake bomb, the AP reported.

Today, von Brunn's footprints are also found on the Web site the Holy Western Empire. The site advertises a book by James W. von Brunn. It refers to "a new hard-hitting expose of the JEW CONSPIRACY to destroy the White gene pool." The book's title: Kill the Best Gentiles.

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