Michael Jackson Dead Multiple news sources are reporting that pop icon Michael Jackson is dead. Paramedics arrived at Jackson's home and found he was not breathing.

Michael Jackson Dead

Michael Jackson Dead

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Multiple news sources are reporting that pop icon Michael Jackson is dead. Paramedics arrived at Jackson's home and found he was not breathing.

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From NPR News, this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I'm Melissa Block.


I'm Robert Siegel.

And we're hearing the news now from multiple outlets citing many sources that Michael Jackson has died.

The singer was found at his home today where he reportedly was not breathing. He was rushed to UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

NPR's Carrie Kahn is covering this story.

Carrie, what more do we know?

CARRIE KAHN: As you said, multiple sources have say that the King of Pop is dead at age 50. NBC News has heard it from a family friend. The Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press are all reporting that. NPR has not confirmed that. But there is a news conference that's going to be coming up real shortly at the UCLA Medical Center, where he was rushed from his Los Angeles home at about 12:30 Pacific Time to the UCLA Medical Center. And a Los Angeles Fire Department paramedic said at the time that he was not breathing and CPR was performed on him then.

SIEGEL: And I gather that at the UCLA Medical Center, quite a crowd has gathered.

KAHN: It is quite a crowd. The orange cones have come out, the yellow police tape, and they are around a circle - a big huge circle around some microphones that were waiting for a news conference. But it is already becoming a crowd of people in front of the UCLA Medical Center to wait a confirmation of this news.

SIEGEL: Michael Jackson, 50 years old, was about to launch a tour.

KAHN: He was. This was an incredible ambitious 50 shows in London that are all sold out within hours. And this would've been his first extensive concert run in 12 years. He have been pretty much a recluse since being acquitted of child molestation charges.

Back in 2005, he went to Bahrain for a while and then he did reemerge about a year - a year and a half ago here in Los Angeles area. There was going to be a huge auction at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel to sell off his - all of his wares from his infamous Neverland estate north of Santa Barbara. He had been in the Los Angeles area preparing for these concerts.

The promoters of the concert said that he was mentally and physically prepared for such a difficult concert run. They said that doctors had performed a four and a half hour physical examination of him and that he was fine, and that there would be no problem and he would be performing this tour. But we are getting the news now out of Los Angeles and out of the UCLA Medical Center that he is dead at age 50.

SIEGEL: Thank you, Carrie.

KAHN: You're welcome.

SIEGEL: That's NPR's Carrie Kahn speaking to us about the death of Michael Jackson.

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