Dawes: Elegant Indie-Folk, Drenched In Harmony : World Cafe After connecting with producer Jonathan Wilson, the band began to take part in informal jam sessions with artists like Conor Oberst and Benmont Tench. Recorded to analog tape during a live session in Laurel Canyon, Dawes' debut album, North Hills, mixes conventional folk arrangements with contemporary trimmings. The result is nostalgic and fashionable in the same breath.

Dawes: Elegant Indie-Folk, Drenched In Harmony

Dawes: Elegant Indie-Folk, Drenched In Harmony

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North Hills, the debut album from the L.A. band Dawes , is hardly the first record in recent years to draw comparisons to the work of Crosby, Stills and Nash. But though Dawes evokes a certain amount of nostalgia, that's not the limit of the group's appeal. Taylor Goldsmith's evocative lyrics and the band's elegant indie-folk harmonies both stand out.

Set List

"That Western Skyline"

"When My Time Comes"

"How Far We've Come"

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Goldsmith's powerful voice fuses introspection and melancholy with a bursting optimism. Meanwhile, the band — made up of younger brother Griffin Goldsmith, Wylie Gelber and Alex Casnoff — fleshes out the intimate sound with warm backing vocals.