NPR's DIY Movie Awards - Forget Best Picture: You Pick The Flicks Why settle for one broad academic category when you can exercise a broader set of options? Presenting NPR's Do-It-Yourself Movie Awards 2010 — in which you get to pick the Most Exciting Popcorn Movie, the Biggest Laugh Riot and more. Go ahead: Pick your flicks.
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Forget Best Picture: You Pick The Flicks

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The Oscars are still weeks away, but prognosticators are already making confident noises about who'll win. We say there should be more love to go around -- thus the exercise below, which we're calling NPR's DIY Movie Awards 2010.

Our completely unscientific methodology, below the widget ...

The Tao Of The DIYMA: Our (Not Quite) Completely Random Approach

To be fair, the process that led to the daunting artifact above was only mostly unscientific. We did exercise some care when it came to choosing the options in each of our four DIYMA categories. To wit:

First, we (by which I mean members of Team Intern) dug up the list of the 50 top-grossing movies of 2009.

Then we (again, this was actually an intern-powered effort) added in all the films that made the Best of 2009 lists compiled by critics Bob Mondello and David Edelstein.

Finally, we selected titles from that expanded list to populate the four categories — using entirely subjective criteria, applied with roughly the same rigor we use when selecting a hair product. No, less than that: an appetizer at an airport TGI Friday's.

That last part of the process I actually helped with myself. If you're curious, it went something like this:

Intern: "Does 2012 deserve a spot on the Best-Executed Commercial Hit list?"

Editor: "Not a chance. 2012 was empirically a terrible movie."

So you see that while we did put some thought into this business, we're hardly PricewaterhouseCoopers.

We therefore heartily encourage you to take issue with our rulings in the comments — just as soon as you've taken a minute to make your picks in the interactive above.