RE: Your uncle says hi, btw I used to watch a lot of movies with your uncle. This is back when we were kids. Your grandma was going to night school, and your grandpa---hell I dont even know what happened to your grandpa.
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RE: Your uncle says hi, btw

For the fourth round of our contest, we asked you to send us original works of fiction that contain each of these words: "plant," "button," "trick," "fly."

Illustration of Terminator 2 film still.


I used to watch a lot of movies with your uncle. This is back when we were kids. Your grandma was going to night school, and your grandpa—-hell I dont even know what happened to your grandpa.

Anyways, we watched terminator 2 like fifty times that year. Your grandma never took it back to blockbuster. Its still over at her house. The late fee is probably fifty g's at least. Your uncle loved that movie. There's one part where the bad terminator—-a robot, incase you havent seen it—-, anyways, the bad terminator freezes, shatters in a thousand pieces—-the metal flies everywhere—-falls to the ground—then all of a sudden that metal thaws, and comes back together in silver drops—-kinda like the way water drops gliding down the hood of a car looks. That part's right before the end.

Well, your uncle, he loved that scene, and would rewind it over and over again. Sometimes, when I saw him reach for the vcr to press rewind, I would press fast forward on the remote so the movie wouldn't do anything. He'd say:

"Put down the buttons",

and Id say:

"Alright," and pretend to put the remote down.

And he would lunge back for the vcr, and Id hit the remote again, and I would say:

"Psych" or

"Trick" or


And then he'd get mad and throw his pillow, then we'd get in a pillow fight—-epic in scope—-laughing and screaming, and only stopping when someone threw-up. Your uncle barfed a lot. Still does.

Sometimes, in the middle of the movie, we would pause it and run to the freezer to make banana splits, using nothing but the vanilla ice cream sold in two gallon buckets and our imaginations. (And after we ate, your uncle would always puke that up when we started wrestling because our sugar high set in.)

Sometimes your uncle would fall asleep with his head on my legs, sucking his thumb, slobbering all over himself. Then, right around the time the movie would end, he'd get really comfortable, and turn on his belly, and stick his butt in the air.

And sometimes he'd wake up crying, and I'd stroke his hair and hold his hand until he planted his thumb in his mouth and fell back asleep.

Terminator 2 came on the telly tonight. Thats when it hit me that I wont be there for you during movie time. Knowing your mom, she won't be there. I wish I could change it.

Anyways, y'all will watch a lot of movies—-the two of you—-.

My hope it that—-(and understand, Im crying during terminator 2, and that right there could prove me unfit)—-My hope is that—-, Jackson—- you can turn to your wife when a movie comes on a lazy saturday night, and say:

"I used to watch this with my sister, and we would..."

Or, that Sophie—-, you flip through the channels with your son on a wednesday afternoon, come to a movie, and tell him:

"Your Uncle loves this part, where..."

(And maybe one day, if my lawyer comes through, I can turn to you—-)

My hope—-just to be ridiculously clear for you two knuckleheads—-My hope is that the two of you are enough for each other for as long as you need to be.

I love you both with every thought I have,