Recipe: Carrot Salad With Cilantro & Green Chili Simon Hopkinson's latest book is an English-looking volume with a Francophile sensibility, inspired by a meal thrown together from leftover vegetables in his fridge. The Vegetarian Option features plenty of last-minute, kitchen-garden dishes. The desserts are warm, fruity, rich, or all three.

Recipe: Carrot Salad With Cilantro & Green Chili

From 'The Vegetarian Option'

The Vegetarian Option
by Simon Hopkinson
Hardcover, 224 pages
Stewart, Tabori & Chang
List price: $24.95

Serves 4

4 cups peeled and finely grated carrots
1 1/2 teaspoons Maldon sea salt
1 1/2 teaspoons superfine sugar
juice of 1 small lime
1 teaspoon coriander seeds
cilantro leaves picked from 4 or 5 bushy sprigs
1 large green chili, seeded

In a large bowl, mix the grated carrot together with the salt, sugar, and lime juice. Leave to macerate for at least 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, place the coriander seeds in a small, dry skillet and gently toast them over low heat until they smell very good, but be careful not to burn them.

Tip into a mortar and lightly crush with the pestle.

Now mince the cilantro and chili together (this makes for a more aromatic mix, in a similar way to persillade -- garlic and parsley given the same treatment). Add to the carrots together with the coriander seeds and mix well. Turn into a serving dish.

Excerpted from The Vegetarian Option by Simon Hopkinson. Copyright 2010. Reprinted by permission of Stewart, Tabori & Chang.