Rolling Out the New Health Care Law  

Rolling Out the New Health Care Law


Key Dates for the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act"

President Obama signed the health care bill into law on March 23, 2010. But the law will take several years to implement, with the major parts rolling out in 2014. Here are some key measures and how they might affect you:

Who it Affects What it Does Effective Date
Everyone Insurers prohibited from canceling coverage when an enrollee gets sick September 23, 2010
  Insurers prohibited from putting lifetime caps on benefits September 23, 2010
  Citizens and legal residents must have insurance 2014
  Penalties for those without coverage phases in 2014
  Those with incomes up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level qualify for Medicaid 2014
Young Adults / Children Young adults can stay on parents' insurance until age 26 September 23, 2010
  Insurers can no longer deny coverage to children with preexisting conditions September 23, 2010
Seniors Rebates to seniors who have hit the "donut hole" in Medicare prescription drug coverage. June 10, 2010
  Patients in "donut hole" get half off on brand-name drugs. More discounts phase in. 2011
  "Donut hole" effectively closed 2020
The Sick High-risk pool covers patients with pre-existing medical conditions June 21, 2010
Those Without Insurance States must establish "exchanges" to offer health plans 2014
Small Businesses Tax credits available to small businesses to help provide insurance 2010
Large and Medium-Sized Businesses Large employers must enroll employees in health plans or face fines 2014
Insurers Insurers must report and justify premium increases Effective Immediately
  Health plans spending a low percentage of premiums on medical care must refund money 2011
  Insurers must reduce paperwork 2013
  Insurers cannot restrict coverage based on health status 2014
  Plans must meet operating standards or face penalty April 1, 2014
  States can allow purchase of health plans across state borders 2016
  Insurers taxed for providing plans that cost too much January 1, 2018
Doctors / Hospitals Increased Medicare payments to primary care doctors 2011
  Medicare rewards hospitals with higher quality care 2012
  Increased Medicaid payments to primary care doctors 2013

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