Things You Didn't Know About I-95 How many rest stops are there along I-95? How many 24-hour gas stations? What famous politician died just eight days after dedicating the highway? Our handy fact sheet has enough trivia to make you an I-95 nerd.
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Things You Didn't Know About I-95

Our handy fact sheet has enough trivia to make you an I-95 nerd.

Five Decades Of Growth Along I-95

The population in counties near Interstate 95 grew from about 40 million in 1960 to 64 million in 2008. Counties in Florida and Northern Virginia grew the most in terms of population and persons per square mile.


The analysis includes 206 counties that lie within 20 miles of the interstate.

Number of exits along Interstate 95: 670

I-95 runs almost the same route that revolutionaries used during the war in 1775-1783.

I-95 is the nation’s longest north-south interstate, running 1,920 miles from Maine to Florida. It crosses 15 states -- the most of any interstate.

The first lanes in the U.S. designated exclusively for buses and carpools were on I-95 and I-395 in Northern Virginia. They opened in 1969.

Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey already had expressways under construction or completed when President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System was authorized in 1956.

The number of public rest stops along I-95: 77

The Delaware Turnpike, renamed the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway, was dedicated by President Kennedy eight days before his assassination. See an audio slideshow of the dedication ceremony on the Delaware Department of Transportation website.

The number of 24-hour gas stations along I-95: 499

The number of coin laundries along I-95 exits: 31

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