'Prairie Diaries': Ross Marshall Read excerpts of Ross Marshall's "Prairie Diary" recollecting his day in Kansas, Oct. 11, 2001.
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'Prairie Diaries': Ross Marshall

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Ross Marshall is an amateur historian interested in the Santa Fe, Oregon and California Trails. "When it's real still and you're standing where you know thousands of people went right over the very spot... you can actually hear the wagons," he says. Maeve McGoran, NPR News hide caption

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Maeve McGoran, NPR News

Following are excerpts of Ross Marshall's "Prairie Diary" recollecting his day in Kansas, Oct. 11, 2001:

My day started about 7:00 am as usual. For about forty minutes, I bad my usual daily quiet time while Jana was having hers in the other room. I began by reading the devotional message for the day from Open Windows, then spent about twenty minutes looking at my Sunday School lesson because I will be subbing for one of my teachers next Sunday. As Adult Division Director, I don't often get a chance to teach anymore and I look forward to it. The last few minutes were spent in prayer for Jana and also for some of the people on her Christian Cancer Support Group list.

We then went for our two-mile walk, after which I jogged for about my usual 0.8 mile. After breakfast and cleaning up, I cut up apples for a pie, which was wrapped in aluminum foil for freezing. Apple pies are the only thing I know bow to bake. We have a lot of apples this year and apple pies are good with chocolate ice cream. I may take this one, as I have once before, to a guy who just had his leg amputated. He likes apple pie…

We came home so that Jana could have her lunch. I generally don’t eat Lunch. Instead, after I opened my email, I spent some time on the phone talking to Mike Latka of the Olathe Parks Department, David Gaines, who is Superintendent of Long Distance Trails for the National Park Service in Santa Fe, and my friend Craig Crease, all concerning the ongoing planning for the Lone Elm Campground Park south of Olathe. This is a 160-acre farm that was the site of the famous Lone Elm Campground on the Santa Fe, Oregon and California Trails. After many years of many of us working on it, the City of Olathe was able purchase the site for a city park which will preserve it and include comprehensive interpretation about the trail…

In the middle of the afternoon, before I left to run some errands, we sat down and had a brief prayer together, as we do most days, so that I can lift Jana’s illness up to the Lord…

I then went to Kinko's to get a copy of a picture of a long-time trail friend of mine, John Leamon, who died September 29. The picture will be used as part of a bio I will print up in the next edition of the Trailmarker newsletter which I edit for the Kansas City Area Historic Trails Association. This is a small local trails group that has accomplished many projects in recent years in terms of trail signage, mapping and trail preservation. I also serve as Secretary.

My next stop was in Olathe about fifteen miles away at the new site for our Laotian congregation called New Life Baptist Church… The building needs some repairs and I have been traveling quite often to the site to meet subcontractors who are either bidding or working on the building…

The rear cargo area of my Jeep was full of bags of dirt that I bought the other day. I spread the dirt next to the foundation in an area that has a basement leak hoping that it might help. I also took my caulking gun and used a couple of cartridges of caulk along the foundation in that same area…

I returned home about 5:00 and spent some time in the garden digging a few potatoes and a few carrots, cutting some okra, picking some tomatoes, and also picking up some more apples that have dropped off the tree.

My last duty of the day was to attend the first Budget Committee meeting at 6:30 at my church…

I got home about 8:15. Jane had already had supper since she needs to eat about 7:00 on her regimen.. I had some barbequed brisket that we buy at the Hen House grocery store… We then watched one of the baseball playoff games and after watching the 10:00 news, went to bed.

It was a busy day with some ups and some downs. But the Lord is good and is able to meet all our needs on a daily basis as we look to Him in faith.