Ginger the Wonder Dog She can type, climb a ladder and put a coin in a piggy bank. And those are just some of the skills "Ginger the Wonder Dog" lists on her resume. But as talented as she is, Ginger is still looking for her big acting break and hopes a slot on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno will do the trick. See a picture of Ginger.

Ginger the Wonder Dog

A Canine Actress on the Talk-Show Circuit, Looking for a Break

Ginger the Wonder Dog

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Her trainer Michelle Boardman describes Ginger as "the Julia Roberts of dog actresses." She's done cameos on Seinfeld and Murphy Brown and has acted in commercials for Purina, Nissan and Outback Steakhouse. But Ginger was still looking for her "big break" when she was invited to perform recently on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Her appearance with Leno was just like that of any Hollywood starlet: a brush and fluff of the hair and then... it's showtime. Well, after a quick trip to the back lot to answer nature's call. The show's host was cordial but didn't shy away from the tough questions: how old is Ginger? How much does she weigh?

Boardman and Ginger are still waiting for that network series deal or perhaps an invitation to show her stuff on Oprah or Animal Planet.

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