Fox Limits Debate to 'Top Tier' Candidates Some of the most popular stories on the Web.
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Fox Limits Debate to 'Top Tier' Candidates

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Fox Limits Debate to 'Top Tier' Candidates

Fox Limits Debate to 'Top Tier' Candidates

Fox Limits Debate to 'Top Tier' Candidates

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Some of the most popular stories on the Web.


Come on in.

Hey, you're listening to THE BRYANT PARK PROJECT from NPR News.

We're available online, digital - the whole shebang.

I'm Alison Stewart along with John Fugelsang.

And, you know, our staff in the morning. We trail the Internet. We look around to find the most viewed, the most e-mailed and most searched news stories in the Web. It's THE BPP's own people's choice awards - except you people choose them. It's called The Most.

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STEWART: Okay, first off, we're going to bring in the newscaster Rachel Martin. We never let her rest today.


Hi, guys.


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MARTIN: I like talking to you. So, I'm going to tell you about a little story that - it's one of the most e-mailed on It's about your skin and beauty (unintelligible). And this is, you know - we're approaching New Year's, this is what we think about.

So this whole thing is about myths associated with skin care and they're debunking some of those. And the article tells us eight things that we need to do if we really want good skin. You don't have to go to get some fancy Botox injection, spend a lot of money, buy fancy books. You just need to do really basic things.

First, discard your old, used beauty products. If you're like, you keep that stuff around for years.

STEWART: It's hard, though, you know?

MARTIN: Sample sizes - you're like, someday I'll use this.

STEWART: Exactly. Or you just spend $9 billion…


STEWART: …on 1.3 ounces. And there's just a little bit left…

MARTIN: I know.

STEWART: …and you're trying to scrape it out of the bottle.

MARTIN: Scrape the bottle.

FUGELSANG: I've got this face moisturizer five years ago. I got to make it last.

MARTIN: Don't you, don't you - it's bad. It doesn't do you any good. You will do no - more harm than good. Number two, stop smoking. That's kind of obvious. Just do it. This is your year people. Make it happen quick. Unhand those pimples. Stop popping your zits. I mean, you hear it more…

STEWART: Easier said than done.

MARTIN: I know. But I don't want to get into my personal issues with that one.

STEWART: That's all right.

MARTIN: Get more sleep. Don't be stressed. Again, sometimes easier said than done.

STEWART: Good luck with that.

MARTIN: Wear sunscreen - this is a good one. Also, we think products that cost more than $30, Alison.

STEWART: I agree with that.

MARTIN: Yes. I mean, they are not all that cracked up to be - just don't buy and do it. They just tell you - they sell you these little - there are these beautiful little jars. And they're like, this is the key. This is your skin salvation.

STEWART: (Unintelligible) seaweeds.

MARTIN: Don't believe them.

STEWART: (Unintelligible), rare crustacean.

MARTIN: Yeah. Don't believe them.

FUGELSANG: Conventional wash, yeah?

MARTIN: Finally, wash your face. Wash your face a lot. Okay, I've gone on way too long. Move on.

STEWART: All right. Caitlin(ph), you're up next.

CAITLIN: I have the story of a Christmas stuff stop, or as I like to call it, a holy throwdown.

STEWART: Where is this from?

CAITLIN: This is from The Chicago Tribune.

STEWART: Most viewed?

CAITLIN: Yes. It's about Greek Orthodox and Armenian Apostolistic priests who went at each other with brooms as they were cleaning up the church and the nativity, after a huge number of tourists who visited the church for, obviously, the Christmas holiday. Apparently, they had a fight over who is going to be scrubbing it down. And they went at it. It got so violent that the Palestinian police had to separate the priest and deacon after four people emerged from the church injured.

FUGELSANG: Oh, more priest on priest violence.

STEWART: Oh, my.

MARTIN: See, that's not the Christmas spirit.

CAITLIN: Whatever happened to don't harm thy neighbor?

FUGELSANG: But the Greek Orthodox has their Christmas the first week of January.

MARTIN: In January. So they're cleaning it ahead of it as well.


MARTIN: So maybe that's what they were fighting about.

FUGELSANG: The clean up got in the way of the decorations.

MARTIN: Maybe - yeah.

STEWART: Pre-holiday stress for January.

Okay, so my Most is one of the most blogged items at the New York Times. It's a cool tab. It means that this is a story that's been linked to on the most other Web sites. That people are that interested in it and they're writing about this thing - hey, you've got to go read this story. And I heard people actually saying that around town.

It was the story - it was on the front page of the New York Times about two days ago - talking about Hillary Clinton's resume. Does her resume as first lady - her time in office - is that the equivalent of actually having experience in the job? Does access to world leaders equal experience in dealing with them? The article was kind of came down on the side of - just because you had coffee with a world leader mean you didn't get to the NSA report about…


STEWART: …what kind of arms this country has.

FUGELSANG: That lunch with (unintelligible) doesn't exactly count.

STEWART: Doesn't cut it.

MARTIN: But, well.

STEWART: But - go ahead.

MARTIN: No, I was just going to make the point that she has a foundation. She has relationships that these other people don't have.

STEWART: Well, that was the other side of the article - that she's had sort of a front row seats to history. But she's not been onstage with history.

FUGELSANG: And she's also very popular overseas as well.

STEWART: Yeah. But…

FUGELSANG: But it's a devastating article.

STEWART: But, as I said, people are linking to it. So, two different Web sites - Caitlin helped me find these - from the Daily Kos, which we would expect would be on her side. It's said, this is not a flattering picture of her foreign policy expertise. But the article does note that she did gather some experience while she has been in the Senate. Having read the article again, not only did they put her time in the White House under the microscope, they then proceed to form exploratory surgery without any anesthetic that most patients would get. It is frankly a bruticle - brutal article.

At Captain's Quarters, it says, it's all about Hillary's experience by osmosis. Instead of making policy, Hillary served as a sounding board. She knew about emerging threats, such the al-Qaida, but made no attempt to fashion policy to meet them and given her lack of (unintelligible) and the information necessary to develop the response - she couldn't have done it even if inclined to do so. So, you might want to read this article for yourself because it's causing kind of brouhaha.

FUGELSANG: Yeah, absolutely. And Americans would hate to vote for somebody who wasn't qualified for the job.

Well, my Most that comes from the Wall Street Journal, one of the most commented upon articles. It's a review of the new Dell. The Texas-based Dell's new XPS 1 computer is now being compared to the Apple iMac. And some are saying it's just as good. This is like a Mac.

STEWART: Some people who…


STEWART: …might work for Dell.


MARTIN: No, it's actually Walt Mossberger.

STEWART: Oh, okay.

MARTIN: …who's a top sell at the Wall Street Journal.

FUGELSANG: Yeah, and it's got a 20-inch wide screen display of similar dual core process - or it's being called the first Windows all-in-one desktop that matches the iMac - and hardware design. And it's got lots of cool features that Mac doesn't have - built-in slots for camera memory cards, a wireless keyboard and mouse. So we don't know yet who is going to win the Dell wars. But you can expect to be hearing quite a bit about the XPS 1.

Actor Ben Curtis, the former Dell dude, has said he would be available to do new commercials, but only under any circumstances.

(Soundbite of laughter)

STEWART: They're doing their best to get on a Dell hell, as people are calling it, you know? They've had such a bad rap…

FUGELSANG: They really do.

STEWART: …a couple of years ago. So…

FUGELSANG: This could be the one to turn it around.

STEWART: Let's see if design does it for Dell.

Okay, Caitlin and Rachel, thanks for joining us for The Most.

Hey, if you are interested in any of these stories at all, you can check it out, or any of their hot little bits, at our Web site,

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