Happy Birthday, Internet Protocol Some of the most popular stories on the Web.
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Happy Birthday, Internet Protocol

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Happy Birthday, Internet Protocol

Happy Birthday, Internet Protocol

Happy Birthday, Internet Protocol

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Some of the most popular stories on the Web.


You are listening to a live edition of THE BRYANT PARK PROJECT on this the first day of 2008. I'm Alison Stewart.

Thank you so much for joining us. Also thanks to BPP staff for getting in here - crack of dawn. And now, I'm going to actually putting them to work because it's time for the most blogged, e-mailed, viewed and commented stories on the Web. It's a roundup we call The Most.

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STEWART: All right. Editor Trisha McKinney and burgeoning radio star.



(Soundbite of laughter)

McKINNEY: Yes, I'm feeling I've never been in this room as often as I've been here in the last two days. So I have one of the most e-mailed stories on Yahoo! News. And this is about that transition to digital television…

STEWART: Mm-hmm.

McKINNEY: …that we've been talking about here on the show. I still don't fully understand it. But basically, you know, they're phasing out the analog airwaves and everything is going to go digital in about a year from now, a little over a year from now.

So anyway, today, January 1st, the federal government is trying to help people make that transition into digital television. So…

STEWART: How's the whole government going to help us?

McKINNEY: Well, they're going to give us coupons. So…

(Soundbite of laughter)

McKINNEY: They've made coupons available to help you buy these little boxes that convert your analog signals to digital signals. And I don't know how much these boxes cost. The story I'm reading it says anywhere between 50 and 70 bucks. So the federal government is making $40-dollar coupons available starting today, right? So I read this story at about 4 a.m.

STEWART: Mm-hmm.

McKINNEY: And, you know, click on a little link to get my coupon, and I got one.

STEWART: You did?

McKINNEY: Yeah. I got a coupon. I'm not going to give out my reference number because I think I give out so much information about myself on this show.

(Soundbite of laughter)

McKINNEY: Someone is going to steal my identity. But anyway, my reference number is nearly number 9,000, which makes me wonder if…

STEWART: How many people have done this already?


McKINNEY: …is this like - is this kind of chronological. And my bet, whatever number or person took - asked one of these things in about four hours that they were available.

STEWART: They were up all night drinking.


STEWART: You save for a coupon to a drunk…

McKINNEY: I don't know. There you go.

(Soundbite of laughter)

McKINNEY: Anyway. You better get your coupons…

MARTINEZ: Happy New Year. Get your coupon.

McKINNEY: …because I think there's a limited number of this thing. So I got mine.

MARTINEZ: The thing about this is, though, is you really have to be a - no offense, Trisha…


MARTINEZ: A bit of a Luddite, because if you have cable or a brand new TV, flat screen TV…

STEWART: You're okay.

MARTINEZ: …you're okay. And most people have…

STEWART: This would be with the rabbit ears somewhere out…

MARTINEZ: Yeah. Most people will hold that.

McKINNEY: So I don't need those coupons probably.


STEWART: Well, hold on to it.

McKINNEY: I have a coupon, if anybody needs one.

MARTINEZ: Hold on to it. Hold on to your coupon.

STEWART: I'm just going to say…

McKINNEY: Because they're fun.

MARTINEZ: Just for fun.

STEWART: (Unintelligible) eBay.

McKINNEY: I'm not going to put that on eBay. That wouldn't be right.



MARTINEZ: Well, I have one of the most e-mailed from USA Today. It's about this woman who was on a flight on December 17th from India to Chicago. She has one of the drug-resistance strains of TB.

STEWART: Oh, no.

MARTINEZ: Yes. And she exposed up to 44 people. They say 44 people sat close enough to her for exposure. And they're trying to track these people down, American Airline Flight 293 from New Delhi to Chicago. And from Chicago, the people that were around her, those 44 people, traveled to California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, elsewhere in Illinois, India, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia.

McKINNEY: Am I the only one waiting to hear the Howard Dean scream after that?

(Soundbite of laughter)

McKINNEY: Sorry.

MARTINEZ: That's pretty good. We should have that. Anyway, so they're recommending that all of these people, who were on this flight that may have been exposed, under go testing with a follow up in eight to 10 weeks just to make sure that they're not exposed. Yeah.

McKINNEY: Happy New Year, guys.

MARTINEZ: And, you know, the woman actually had symptoms when she got on the plane.

STEWART: Oh, my God.

MARTINEZ: She's feverish. She had - yeah. The risk is very small but it's very deadly if you could get it. So…

STEWART: Yeah. And we all make fun of Michael Jackson for wearing that face mask.

McKINNEY: You know what? He might be onto something…

STEWART: He started this thing. He might be onto something…


STEWART: …when you see him getting on the plane.

MARTINEZ: Makes a whole lot of sense.

STEWART: All right. Somebody had really bad New Year's Eve. The coach of the Baltimore Ravens fired. This is one of Google's most search names, Brian Billick, fired last night.

Okay, so the Ravens finished five to 11 amidst the 10-game losing streak, even lost to the Miami Dolphins. But here's the thing. They told him that his job was okay last week. And then, they changed their mind. I guess, last year they did a whole better. They were 13 to three for the season and they won the AFC North. He's in good company. Does anybody else remember this firing, Christmas Eve, the Chicago Bulls fired their coach?


STEWART: Scott Skiles. So in terms of pro-sports, it's some hard-hearted Hannahs out there.

McKINNEY: When did radio people get fired?

STEWART: I don't know, Matt. We're new to radio. We're from the TV.


McKINNEY: When are we going to get fired?

(Soundbite of laughter)

MARTINEZ: I'm not saying anything.


MARTINEZ: No. We're fine.

McKINNEY: Okay, good.

MARTINEZ: We're just fine.

McKINNEY: All right. Okay, so I have one of the most e-mailed on MSNBC.com. The headline I loved: Pooch's shower presence sparks fight. I mean, who wouldn't click on that? Who wouldn't send it to their friends?

So anyway, this is a story about a couple in the state of Washington. A 25-year-old woman got arrested for investigation of second degree assault after getting into an argument with her boyfriend. What was the argument about, you may ask? They were arguing about whether his dog should be in the bathroom while they took a shower together.

(Soundbite of laughter)

McKINNEY: That, you know, I don't think this - I don't want to speculate but I don't think this relationship is going to last.

STEWART: It's going to last.

MARTINEZ: That's creepy. You think about it. I…

McKINNEY: The man wanted the dog in the bathroom. The woman said no. I'm kind of on her side with this.

MARTINEZ: I've been with people who don't close the bathroom door for their pets…


MARTINEZ: …on any occasion. And that's - that is creepy.

McKINNEY: Well, anyway, the police…

MARTINEZ: That is creepy.

STEWART: (Unintelligible)

McKINNEY: The police say the woman punched the guy in the face, they say. So…

MARTINEZ: Oh, my God.

STEWART: Mid-shower?

(Soundbite of laughter)

STEWART: Too much information, TMI.



MARTINEZ: Yeah. Well, I have some of the most e-mailed stories from npr.org. What NPR did was they made this big post - we made this big post today - as if I don't work for them. Yes, we made this big post about all of the best stories from the year, the most e-mailed stories from throughout the year.

McKINNEY: Hey, that's a good idea, The Most.

MARTINEZ: Yeah. That is a good idea. And so, obviously, those stories all of a sudden start shooting up the list on the most e-mailed today. So, Got a Runny Nose, Flush It Out. It's a story about one of those things that - those pots that you put on your nose. There's an actual name for them I think.

McKINNEY: There's a visual. I wish people could see it.

STEWART: Oh, it's a…

McKINNEY: That's going to demonstrate.

STEWART: Was it the nostril bidet?

MARTINEZ: Yes, the nostril bidet. Yes.




MARTINEZ: It's about cleaning out your nose which is from earlier this year. Also…

McKINNEY: I'll listen to that.

MARTINEZ: …Quinoa, A Sacred and Super Crop, which we interviewed the woman who wrote the article which is a whole bunch of Quinoa recipes, about the magicalness of Quinoa.

And also, one of the most popular this year, Retune the Body with a Partial Fast. All about, you know…

McKINNEY: A lot of cleansing.

MARTINEZ: Yeah, a lot of cleansing.

STEWART: A lot of cleansing.

McKINNEY: Cleansing and Quinoa, what's that all about?

MARTINEZ: People are happy with the cleansing and the Quinoa.

STEWART: The NPR listeners shift demographic continues to amaze me.

MARTINEZ: Yes, in a nutshell.

(Soundbite of laughter)

MARTINEZ: They're right there.

STEWART: All right. Trisha, you have to explain this out.


STEWART: Google Trends rabbit hole went down this morning.

McKINNEY: Yeah. And once again, Google, it's dangerous. Okay. So I went to see what were the most searched terms on Google and number one was January 1 TCP/IP. So, of course, I Goggled it, and it turns out, I guess, if you go on Google today, please go on www.google.com. The little logo is all Internet related. It's the little - the G turns into the little cord going into the wall. Another G is another cord.

Anyway, so apparently, they're celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Internet's adopting the TCP/IP protocol. And that's about as much as like…

STEWART: Woohoo(ph), let's have a party.

MARTINEZ: Yeah. Handshake. This is TCP/IP handshake.

McKINNEY: I have no idea.


McKINNEY: What that means. But anyway, that's the number one.

MARTINEZ: But it's the way that we used the Internet now. It's the way that all of us use the Internet. And, you know, you have the TCP/IP protocol, you type in the numbers and that does the handshake and…

McKINNEY: That's the handshake and magic happens.


MARTINEZ: …magically, I get to be Paris Hilton.

(Soundbite of laughter)

McKINNEY: Did you know?

MARTINEZ: See, that's how it works.

McKINNEY: And this is brought to us by my friends at DARPA. That's all I'm going to say.

STEWART: Oh, DARPA, DARPA, DARPA. Hey, that's The Most. You can read these stories that are hot, little bits at our Web site, npr.org/bryantpark.

Thank you, Matt. Thank you, Trisha.

McKINNEY: You're welcome.

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