Sorry, More Britney News Some of the most popular stories on the Web.
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Sorry, More Britney News

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Sorry, More Britney News

Sorry, More Britney News

Sorry, More Britney News

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Some of the most popular stories on the Web.


Now, it is time for the most blogged, e-mailed, viewed, commented stories on the Web. We call this thing The Most.

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PESCA: And to help me mystify the situation, I have some of my friends here and also some co-workers, I won't tell you which are which. But Tricia…


We'll do separate groups of friends and co-workers.

PESCA: Yeah. I got a little list.

MARTIN: Say in this case.

PESCA: There's a little movement between the list(ph). Okay, let's go to you, Tricia.

TRICIA McKINNEY: Yes. Hi. I have the most popular…

PESCA: Trish - hi.


McKINNEY: Hello.

PESCA: What do you got?

McKINNEY: Is this thing on? I have the most popular story on CNN. It is not the Iowa caucus.

PESCA: Oh, it's the Kenyan riots.

McKINNEY: It's not politics.


McKINNEY: Not the Kenya riots.

PESCA: Uh-huh.

McKINNEY: Britney Spears breaking news.

MARTIN: Oh, my gosh.

McKINNEY: It's actually…

MARTIN: I'm shocked.

McKINNEY: It's actually…

MARTIN: Yeah. Well.

McKINNEY: I am a little shock, actually, but anyway.

MARTIN: Well, it's a big story.

McKINNEY: Yeah. Britney Spears was actually taken to the hospital last night…

PESCA: Yeah.

McKINNEY: …for tests. It all comes - there's been an ongoing custody dispute with her ex-husband over their kids and there was some deposition today, or yesterday in L.A. And then after the deposition, police and an ambulance were called to her home and three hours later she was taken out in an ambulance and the kids went back to her ex-husband so there's something going on.

PESCA: Obviously, Britney not getting the political memo that it's all about change today. Britney is really pretty much…

McKINNEY: Yeah, more of a change.

PESCA: Yeah. (unintelligible) anyone while breaking down.

McKINNEY: I mean - and I'm starting to feel really bad about kind of making fun of the story because it's just - I'm just sad. I really do think it's sad.

PESCA: And clearly as a person with a substance abuse issue.


PESCA: And who are we, we're getting our glee(ph) out of it or at least the number - a lot of CNN viewers.

McKINNEY: A lot of…

MARTIN: Do you think they're very sad when they go online?

McKINNEY: Readers on line, yeah.

MARTIN: We don't know, that (unintelligible).

PESCA: All righty(ph). I can't stay they have the right attitude as decreed by us.

Dan, what do you got?

DAN PASHMAN: Hey, guys. I got a couple of quick ones for you. One of them just relate to the primaries and not to - or not just the Iowa caucus, not to Britney, I'm afraid, Trish.

PESCA: All right.

PASHMAN: I know that you love the Britney stories.


PASHMAN: We have - at Google Trends we saw, one at Google Trends was Chuck Norris' wife was the most searched term, Chuck Norris' wife. So you think why the hell is anyone searching that. Well, Chuck Norris was supporting Mike Huckabee. He's (unintelligible) with Mike Huckabee.

PESCA: Absolutely.

PASHMAN: He was on stage behind Huckabee last night, right behind Huckabee and sitting next to Chuck Norris was a beautiful blond woman, and a lot were clearly wondering who is that blond woman. Well, it was Chuck Norris' wife.

MARTIN: (Singing) Who is that girl?

PASHMAN: That's right. Gena O'Kelley who's been married to Chuck Norris since 1998 as his second wife. And there's, actually, a blog dedicated to her, which I don't know if it's the most reliable source of information.

PESCA: Mm-hmm.

PASHMAN: It's a blog dedicated to Chuck Norris' wife, which says that they met at dinner date in Dallas in 1997. Pauline did some research and found out that - her story was that they met when Chuck Norris got his tongue chopped off and she was his nurse, but I'm pretty sure that's not true, I'd say.

PESCA: I think - because there's a lot of good facts about Chuck Norris. I don't know if you know this…

PASHMAN: I've heard some of them, yes.

PESCA: I understand that in a way we're all Chuck Norris' wives, we just have to wait our turn.

(Soundbite of laughter)


PESCA: If Chuck Norris stares at you for more than four seconds, you'll become his wife.

(Soundbite of laughter)

PASHMAN: Real quick, one more most at for those (unintelligible) our friends out West, out there in Seattle in the West Coast, there's an amazing meteor shower, possibly the best of the year going on right now as we speak outside.

MARTIN: What? You can see it if you go outside?


MARTIN: You live on the…

PASHMAN: It ends at about…

MARTIN: …but turn off your radio. Grab a portable radio and run out there.


MARTIN: Goood job.

PESCA: A transistor radio…

MARTIN: Mm-hmm.

PESCA: …in case they still have it. Rachel, you got something for us?

MARTIN: I do. I have an interesting story about education in Japan. I'm interested in this. I taught in Japan a long time ago.

PESCA: Uh-huh.

MARTIN: And they pride themselves on their education system. They think it's the best in the world and, recently, they've realized or have come to some epiphany that they might not be the best in the world anymore. Now, India, actually, has surged to the top of international education and standards and success rates in their education program and now…

PESCA: At the elite level, I would guess.

MARTIN: But even in the primary and elementary level.

PESCA: No, I don't mean how old these students are, but the course that Indians aren't getting…

MARTIN: Clearly.

PESCA: …excellent education…

MARTIN: Clearly.

PESCA: …like (unintelligible) Japanese are.

MARTIN: You're right, right.

PESCA: Okay. So they put their modeling…

MARTIN: Exactly they are saying…

PESCA: …it after the best that India has to offer, it might be better than the best Japan does.

MARTIN: …we are clearly no londer the standard-setting country when it comes to education.

PESCA: Interesting.

MARTIN: Which is also interesting because for many, many years, the Japanese were - I think it's fair to say, a little bit biased against India. They thought Asian neighbors are poor.

PESCA: Uh-huh.

MARTIN: They don't know what they're talking about, so this has been a little shift.

PESCA: Notice what country just not in that discussion at all?

MARTIN: China?


MARTIN: Oh, us. I don't even what to think of it.

PESCA: Wait a minute. Yeah - What are the U.S…

MARTIN: Why would be competitive?

McKINNEY: (unintelligible) the most searched - the most clicked on story would be Britney Spears.

(Soundbite of laughter)

McKINNEY: And I almost forgot to say that was from the, by the way.

PESCA: Okay. That was the most from the New York Times.


PESCA: Pauline, do you have a most popular story?

PAULINE BARTOLONE: I do have a most popular on Yahoo! News. It's about a 37-year-old window washer in the Manhattan Skyline that fell 47 stories. The man is living. He's breathing, and he will be walking soon.

MARTIN: That's amazing.

BARTOLONE: Forty-seven stories. So, apparently, most people who fall more than 10 stories don't live.


BARTOLONE: But he was washing windows with his brother and his brother died instantly. So I think Superman actually exists. This guy must have a superhuman genes or something.

PESCA: The fell - the fall happened a block from where I live and I walk my dog past that apartment every day. And I remember it being cordoned off and there was almost no chance, you know, the cops were looking away and people said what happened. At the time, the cops said a couple of guys fell. And I said, from how high and the guy just shook his head as if saying they're both dead.

MARTIN: That's crazy. I want to know how much those guys get paid.

PESCA: Yeah.

MARTIN: I mean, that's a really dangerous job.

BARTOLONE: That's right. That's an insurance sitting right there. I guess they are wondering that he might have been holding on the scaffolding. So that's how it saved his life.

PESCA: Well, whatever it was, it's one of the most stories, as you said, was on Yahoo. And these were the most stories from all around the Internet.

Thanks a lot guys for participating in The Most.

MARTIN: (Unintelligible). We like you the most.

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