Super Bowl Partiers Hoard Cristal News worth an honorable mention.
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Super Bowl Partiers Hoard Cristal

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Super Bowl Partiers Hoard Cristal

Super Bowl Partiers Hoard Cristal

Super Bowl Partiers Hoard Cristal

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News worth an honorable mention.


This is THE BRYANT PARK PROJECT from NPR News. And it is time for our daily Ramble. You know, it's Super Bowl weekend, Alison.



WOLFF: Were you aware?

STEWART: Really.

WOLFF: The hype that began in April concludes this weekend and so, for today's Ramble. It's a theme. Two of my favorite things - booze, sports.

STEWART: Let's do it.

(Soundbite of laughter)

STEWART: All right. I'm up first. I'll start with the booze, how about that?

WOLFF: Sounds good.

STEWART: This is a fascinating story about supply and demand…

WOLFF: Mm-hmm.

STEWART: And the Super Bowl.

WOLFF: Uh-huh.

STEWART: If you were looking to buy…

WOLFF: Yeah.

STEWART: …some of the very fancy champagne Crystale, which goes for about $350 a bottle.

WOLFF: Don't I know it.

STEWART: In the state of Arizona, apparently, you're just out of luck. There's no Crystale in the state of Arizona.

WOLFF: That's good to know for those of you travelling West.

STEWART: Yeah. You know why?


STEWART: That is because Sean P. Diddy Combs, Puff Daddy, bought up every bottle of the pricy bubbly in the state for a big pre-Super Bowl party. Can you imagine being the assistants dispatched to do this? They literally had to go buy every bottle. Wine holders in the area are not so happy that they've called it hoarding of Crystale.

WOLFF: I would call it good for the economy.

STEWART: Well, one distributor told the New York Post, quote, "Crystale is hard to get anyway but with the Super Bowl in town, it's impossible."

WOLFF: Those classy football fans.

STEWART: Yeah. The manager of the club said he's been - there's one club who says he's been actually stockpiling all year. And, in fact, he got himself 100 bottles. Nobody tell Diddy's assistants because, buddy, like…

WOLFF: Yeah. You can be sure that guy is fired.

STEWART: They're going to be on your doorstep wanting your Crystale. Now, the Arizona Republic reported on last night's red carpet doing at the Scottsdale Nightclub, apparently, Diddy even had - he hadn't even arrived by the time the reporter went home just before midnight. But you know who was there? Jimmie Johnson from NASCAR.

WOLFF: Oh, NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson.

STEWART: Co-host of the party.

WOLFF: Yeah.

STEWART: Nick Lachey.

WOLFF: Oh, he's famous - oh, he was married to Jessica Simpson.

STEWART: Or something.

WOLFF: She's fantastic.

STEWART: Yeah. That's a party.

WOLFF: I'll say that's a party. I'm sorry I missed it. Well, let's stay with the booze. We'll get to the sports in a second.

But with the booze, it turns out that even dogs had indulged in the bubbly. Remember dog beer? We now have wine for dogs. Yes, wine for your favorite canine. And how do we know? We know because of things called blogs.

Our producer Ian Chillag from West Virginia found a link to a company called Bark Vineyards. Bark as in dog's bark; not tree bark. Bark Vineyards. And that vineyard makes wine for dogs. It's non-alcoholic and it comes in flavors like pinolicio, white sniff and tail and barkendi. As I understand it, it's just gravy. You pour it…

STEWART: As I understand it, it's just wrong.

WOLFF: Well, now you're pouring over the kibbles and let Fido(ph) have at it, and then he wakes up with a hangover.

STEWART: I hear a little puppy (unintelligible),yeas coming up soon.

WOLFF: Oh, there's dogs - they bark endlessly about how great the wine was.

STEWART: Unbelievable. If you're looking for the fountain of youth, you're not going to find it in face creams or your doctor's office. This is where the sport comes in. Apparently, people who are athletic are literally biologically younger than those who don't do a whole lot.

This is a new study from Kings College in London. It found that people who exercise regularly, they're as much as nine years younger than those who don't. The study looked at the biological molecules that measure the passage of years. Normally, the molecules, they shorten up as we age…

WOLFF: Yeah.

STEWART: …which exposes us to more damage.

WOLFF: Got it.

STEWART: But researchers found that people who exercise, if the molecules stayed nice and long, which effectively means their body were younger and fighting off the damage. So, working out, good for your health? Good if you want to stick around extra nine, 10 years.

WOLFF: It's like I've saying since last March.

STEWART: Mm-mmm.

WOLFF: Forty-one is the new 32.

STEWART: Oh, really?

WOLFF: Thank you.

STEWART: What are you going to say this March 4th?

WOLFF: Forty-two is the new…

STEWART: The new…

WOLFF: Thirty-three.

(Soundbite of laughter)

WOLFF: Fantastic.

Now, Super Bowl fans may want to take it easy on Sunday. And I mean really take it easy. A new study of German soccer fans suggest that a fan who gets too stressed out over his or her favorite team may increase his or her risk of chest pain or cardiac arrest. Yes, your heart could stop if you get too excited about the Super Bowl. Of course, anybody who remembers the super fans of the Bears fame(ph).

STEWART: Oh, yeah.

WOLFF: Yeah, that's right. I'm having a heart attack. Hold on, ohh.

(Soundbite of laughter)

WOLFF: According to a report, the new - issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, the rate of heart attacks among German men was three times greater on days when the German National Soccer Team was playing than during other periods. That's 30 - 43 heart events per day as opposed to the normal 15. And the stats were worst for people with known heart conditions, surprise, surprise. People with pre-existing heart conditions had four times as many heart incidents during soccer game. So that has experts warning Super Bowl fans like you, Alison…

STEWART: Mm-hmm.

WOLFF: …to make an extra effort to relax this weekend and not drink too much booze.

STEWART: All right.

WOLFF: Or eat too much fatty food so…

STEWART: I'll just do a little yoga…

WOLFF: Yeah. Well, you're going to…

STEWART: …before I watch the Super Bowl.

WOLFF: You're going to extend your molecules, are you?

(Soundbite of laughter)

WOLFF: Just take it easy at the Super Bowl party.

STEWART: All righty.

WOLFF: No too much fatty foods, and lay off the booze.

STEWART: Yeah, that's going to be my problem at the Super Bowl party, buddy.

WOLFF: You're out of control.

STEWART: Yes, that's my issue.

WOLFF: You're out of control.

STEWART: Out of the two of us in this room.

That does it for The Ramble. Check it at our Web site, We'll link up to all of the stories.

I like your Bears. Go Bears.

WOLFF: Yeah. I spent a lot of years thinking about that.

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