Giants Rule the World The New York Giants deal the New England Patriots a painful loss in the Super Bowl.
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Giants Rule the World

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Giants Rule the World

Giants Rule the World

Giants Rule the World

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The New York Giants deal the New England Patriots a painful loss in the Super Bowl.

BILL WOLFF (Announcer): From NPR News in New York, this is THE BRYANT PARK PROJECT.

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We are live from NPR studios at Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan, and this is THE BRYANT PARK PROJECT - news, information, and this morning, bleary eyed Giants fans, although deliriously happy. Hey, I'm Rachel Martin.


And I'm Alison Stewart. It is Monday, February 4th, 2008. And you feel like the whole country is just vibrating between the Super Bowl and Super Tuesday. It's just a whole lot…

MARTIN: Super.

STEWART: It's a whole lot of emotion going on at one time in this country, whether it be sort the outpouring, or if you were excited the underdog Giants won and those smarty pants Pats put in their place. And then tomorrow, 24 states holding contests. It's…

MARTIN: I know.

STEWART: …half the country.

MARTIN: We're all going to the polls.

STEWART: It's just this unifying thing, where we're all kind of thinking and doing the same stuff.

MARTIN: Yeah. I mean, you just kind of go through - if you walk down the street, you hear Obama, Clinton, Pats, Eli Manning, McCain, Romney, Tom Brady, Gisele. It's just this weird mix of subjects that are going on, and we are going to cover them all. Plus, we found a couple of other ones to weasel in there as well.

STEWART: We did. We're going to talk about wine. Why? Because I like it.

MARTIN: And you can't - apparently, you cannot ship wine across state lines. Now, this isn't exactly an issue candidates might be stumping on, you know, Super Tuesday and all, but it's a hot issue for people who like wine and can't find their favorite stuff in their local stores.

STEWART: Another controversial issue is for eBay sellers. EBay has once again - they've got a new CEO coming in, and they have changed their fee and their feedback structure, and it has some of the long time super sellers really, really cranked. We have a woman who runs a Web site called She's a former financial reporter. She really explains very clearly why this is a big deal for sellers and also might be a really big deal for you, the eBay buyer.

MARTIN: Interesting. Also, Bill Wolff - you know him, you love him. He's our sports guru. He watched the Super Bowl last night, as you might suspect. And actually, I always look forward to Bill's segments, but I'm really looking forward to it because I want to hear - I didn't get to watch the whole game. So I want to hear him break down why this happened.


MARTIN: Technically, how the Giants were able to pull this off.

STEWART: At one point, I was upstairs typing, and I heard him calling the game. And it was, like - it must have been to the cat, because I don't know who he was talking to. So you'll get to hear that, too. Also, we'll go to Korva Coleman for today's headlines in just a minute. But first, here's the BPP's Big Story.

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STEWART: Now, that was a Super Bowl. The New York Giants topped the formerly unbeaten New England Patriots last night, 17 to 14. It was one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history. The Giants victory caps an improbable run for a team that was just struggling to make the playoff six weeks ago. Meanwhile, the Patriots fell one game short of what many thought was a foregone conclusion: the first 19 and 0 season in NFL history and the right to be called the greatest team ever.

MARTIN: Giants quarterback Eli Manning sometimes looked a bit like a kid lost in the supermarket. But last night, he was all man - Manning, that is. Following in his brother Peyton's footsteps, he silenced his critics by throwing two touchdown passes in the fourth quarter and winning the game's MVP award. Here he is, after hoisting the trophy.

Mr. ELI MANNING (Quarterback, New York Giants): Yeah, there was so many clutch plays by this team and big wins throughout the whole season that to make it - to get us to this point, and again, the same thing tonight - a lot of a big plays to win the game.

STEWART: Things were not quite so bright for Patriot's quarterback, Tom Brady. Well, at least he had Gisele's shoulder to cry on. She was up in one of the press booths drinking wine through the whole game. He had this to say.

Mr. TOM BRADY (Quarterback, New England Patriots): They were very good on defense. They have some great pressure schemes. Obliviously, they have a great pass record. So once we kind of got the idea of what we were doing, I thought we handled them much better, but we just didn't get the ball in the end zone enough.

STEWART: It really was quite a game. The teams broke the record for most lead changes in the fourth quarter of a Super Bowl. The Giants trailed 7 to 3 for most of the game, but took a 10 to 7 lead early in the fourth quarter when Eli Manning threw to David Tyree for a touchdown. The Patriots responded with a score of their own - Tom Brady to Randy Moss and the favorites were back on top, 14-10.

MARTIN: At which point, you could hear BPP producer and super fan Pashman, his heart breaking just a little. But the Giants got the ball back with about 2 and a half minutes left in the game, and Eli Manning and friends went to work. They drove 83 yards down the field, and it all culminated with this.

Mr. JOE BUCK (Sports Announcer): Thirty-nine seconds left. Manning lobs it. Oh, it's a long touchdown, New York.

MARTIN: That's Joe Buck, making the call for Fox last night. Manning through the touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress in the closing seconds, put the Giants on top for good, and then it was party time here in New York. Folks were in the streets, honking horns, celebrating, and that celebration will continue. There will be a parade tomorrow in lower Manhattan. Of course, the Super Bowl was overshadowed for many by the other major sporting event yesterday.

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Unidentified Man: Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl IV. These athletes are at the top of their game, and the Puppy Bowl is the game of their lives.

MARTIN: Three hours of frolicking, romping and pretty much general cuteness. I say we were all winners for that.

STEWART: And that is the BPP's Big Story. Now here's Korva Coleman with more news.

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