Knight Rider Zooms to the Lead Some of the most popular stories on the Web, including word of Knight Rider's triumphant return to television.
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Knight Rider Zooms to the Lead

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Knight Rider Zooms to the Lead

Knight Rider Zooms to the Lead

Knight Rider Zooms to the Lead

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Some of the most popular stories on the Web, including word of Knight Rider's triumphant return to television.


Hey, welcome back to the BRYANT PARK PROJECT from NPR News. We are always online at Time in the show when we gather around the fireplace like the little family that we are.


I wish we really had a fireplace.

STEWART: Wouldn't that be nice? Martinez, get on that. We take a look at the most-blogged, most-emailed, most-read stories. Your clicks ranked them, so if you don't like these stories, you can't blame us. It's time for The Most.

(Soundbite of music)

STEWART: From the control room, editor Trisha McKinney is our Google trends watch-gal.

TRISHA McKINNEY: I'm kind of rocking out to The Most music, I don't know why.

STEWART: I know.

McKINNEY: So yeah, I'm on the Googling beat again, and all-over Google trends today? Number two, KITT, number three, K-I-T-T, number four, Knight Rider 2008, number five, what does KITT stand for?

FOLKENFLIK: What are you trying to tell us?

McKINNEY: Number seven, what type of fuel does KITT run on, and then a couple other people who were actors in the show.


McKINNEY: So obviously, Knight Rider's back. It was on last night, on NBC, with a two-hour made-for-TV movie/backdoor pilot, they're calling it. There may be another series in the works, although I was just reading - apparently, there's also a big-screen version possibly in the works, too, but there's just not enough Knight Rider in our lives.

FOLKENFLIK: And you Googled it 17.6-million times to make that happen?

McKINNEY: Yeah, I personally did Google this.

FOLKENFLIK: Is there any Hasselhoff involved in this? That's all I need to know, any Hasselhoff?

McKINNEY: Now, I have to say I didn't watch this, and David Hasselhoff - and my understand is he played a cameo role, and NBC didn't put - hasn't put any of the clips up on Google yet or on their Web site yet, but there is this - David Hasselhoff did weigh-in on the show, and let's take a show.

Mr. DAVID HASSELHOFF (Actor, Singer): I think the time is right for Knight Rider because it's about heroes, and it's about saving lives. Everywhere I go, it's not "Baywatch," it's yo, "Knight Rider."

STEWART: You know, I can hear the hair on his chest when he talks.

(Soundbite of laughter)

FOLKENFLIK: Yeah. I was going to say, as always, I agree with the Hoff. The time is right.

STEWART: Yo, Knight Rider.

FOLKENFLIK: I think the hair on his chest can hear you, too.

(Soundbite of laughter)

STEWART: Now that's just frightening. All right, David, you have one.

FOLKENFLIK: I was interested by this. It's a very understated story in the New York Times. Senator Barack Obama received zero votes in some New York City black precincts, and they were adjacent to other precincts in which he received a substantial report. That's the number two most-blogged item on and the most popular, probably not that surprisingly, on the liberal The headline there was: Unofficial tallies in city understated Obama vote, letting you know New York Times, the most-likely newspaper to understate dramatic news.

(Soundbite of laughter)

STEWART: Ian, what do you have?

IAN: This is a most-emailed from the Dallas Morning News, and I don't know where it's been all this time. Dallas County DA Office finds cache of JFK memorabilia. They found an old safe that I guess hadn't been opened for many, many years. Inside, some personal letters to and from the former DA, Henry Wade; a gun holster; records from the Jack Ruby trial; a lot of Ruby correspondence and some clothing that probably belonged to him and also Lee Harvey Oswald.

The thing that's getting people kind of up in a tizzy is this - what looks like a transcript of a conversation between Oswald and Ruby. Some people are saying wow, this really brings the conspiracy thing back up. Other people are saying actually this is just a script from a movie that Wade was working on. I'll just, you know, do my best Nina Totenberg and read a little bit here.

(Soundbite of laughter)

IAN: (Reading) Oswald: You said the boys in Chicago want to get rid of the attorney general. Ruby: Yes, but it can't be done. It would get the Feds into everything. Oswald: There is a way to get rid of him without killing him. Ruby: How's that? Oswald: I can shoot his brother.

But everybody's kind of saying this is probably fake.

FOLKENFLIK: I had no idea Nina Totenberg was involved in the assassination of JFK.

(Soundbite of laughter)

STEWART: Just a shooter.

FOLKENFLIK: Sorry, go right ahead. That was good.

IAN: I also saw that a lot of people, I guess after, you know - people sent Ruby letters of support, and two women, one from Philly and one from Plainfield, Indiana, sent Jack Ruby checks for $2.00 to thank him.


IAN: Weird.

STEWART: That's weird all the way around. Matt Martinez, (unintelligible) newscasters.

MATT MARTINEZ: Hi. I am. I have the number-one most-emailed story at New York Daily News, which is about a cat named Georgia. About, okay, 25 days ago, the cat was on a subway, doors opened, it got freaked out, ran away. It's been missing for 25 days, and the MTA workers are just all - they really wanted to find this cat, and they finally found the cat after 25 days. They actually went up and down the tracks by going meow, meow, like Henrietta Pussycat from "Mister Rogers."


MARTINEZ: You know, they're just like hello, meow, meow.

STEWART: Meow, meow, meow, I'm lost, meow, meow.

MARTINEZ: Yeah, yeah, exactly. And finally, they found it near Lexington Avenue, near 55th Street, and…

STEWART: It went to Bloomingdales?

(Soundbite of laughter)

MARTINEZ: It went to Bloomingdales, exactly. And it was taking shelter in a foot-deep metal drain between two tracks, and Georgia's owner says that she's getting that cat microchipped as soon as possible.

FOLKENFLIK: How could it survive the rats?

STEWART: Aww. Well, it maybe ate the rats.

FOLKENFLIK: Good-news story of the week, meow, meow.

STEWART: Good-news story today. We're going to end on that one. I like that one. All right Matt, Trisha, Ian, thanks a lot. Everybody, that's The Most. You can find these stories and more on our Web site,

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