Nader Urges Votes for Kerry Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader calls for supporters to attend his rallies -- but to feel free to vote for Sen. John Kerry in November if the Bush-Kerry race is close. Nader, saying his campaign is meant to steer the Democratic Party toward a more progressive agenda, made his comments during a trip through the Midwest, where Kerry and Bush are in close competition for several states. Hear NPR's Robert Siegel.

On the Campaign Trail with Ralph Nader

On the Campaign Trail with Ralph Nader

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Ralph Nader is campaigning around the country --- both as would-be president and as citizen-activist. Reuters hide caption

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NPR's Robert Siegel travels with independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader in Illinois and Indiana. Nader says he is running for the office as a way to steer the Democratic Party toward an agenda he advocates. The longtime consumer advocate wants would-be supporters to attend his rallies, but he says he wants them to feel free to cast their votes for Sen. John Kerry once they enter the voting booth -- especially in swing states where their vote might help defeat President Bush.