Bela Fleck and Edgar Meyer Two world-class musicians join NPR's Fred Child in the NPR Studios. Bassist Edgar Meyer and banjo player Bela Fleck talk about their friendship and musical collaborations and perform selections from their latest CD together.
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Bela Fleck and Edgar Meyer

Banjo and Double Bass Virtuosos Team Up on 'Music for Two'

Bela Fleck and Edgar Meyer

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Hear Meyer and Fleck Perform in Studio 4A

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NPR's Fred Child welcomes Grammy-winning banjo player Bela Fleck and renowned double bassist Edgar Meyer to the NPR studios for an interview and performance.

The two musicians are old friends and both have voracious appetites for all types of music. They've recently released a CD, Music for Two, and are touring as a duo.

Fleck and Meyer discuss how they work together on original music and on interpretations of both classical and contemporary composers. The music they perform is listed below.


- Bach: Two-Part Invention No. 6 in E major

- Meyer: "Canon"

- Meyer/Fleck: "Pile-Up"

- Bach: A Well Tempered Clavier, Prelude No. 2 in A minor

- Fleck: "Bug Tussle"