A Mystery for Mozart Mavens Author Daniel Leeson has written The Mozart Forgeries, a novel that centers on the counterfeit of two Mozart manuscripts. Leeson's two main characters, Forger and Librarian, pursue a $20 million payday.
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A Mystery for Mozart Mavens

A Mystery for Mozart Mavens

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In this day and age of Web blogs and CSI spin-offs, the idea of attempting to create a counterfeit Mozart manuscript seems truly outrageous. But to attempt the forging of two such compositions for the purpose of a technical/musical swindle is almost unimaginable.

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Yet that is exactly what Forger, a counterfeiting genius, and Librarian, an eighteenth century document specialist, decide to do. Their concoction could be worth $20 million, so this is a pair of motivated mischief-makers. They've chosen to "discover" the lost manuscripts of a Mozart clarinet concerto and a quintet for clarinet and strings.

The two criminals are characters in author Daniel Leeson's book The Mozart Forgeries. Leeson is a leading Mozart authority and award-winning technical writer.