About 'Tell Me More' Tell Me More is at the forefront of conversations Americans are having now—about themselves, their families, their neighborhoods and the world.

About 'Tell Me More'

Tell Me More is at the forefront of conversations Americans are having now—about themselves, their families, their neighborhoods and the world.

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Tell Me More is a NPR news-talk program, hosted by award-winning journalist Michel Martin. Everyday the program features provocative, accessible conversations that go behind the headlines with global newsmakers and people you might meet on the street. Tell Me More understands that the digital public is real, is here now, is ever more diverse and is hungry for constructive dialogue and difficult and honest conversations. It is an innovator in creating compelling cross-platform segments with a dynamic digital footprint, featured in live Twitter chats about education that brought together tens of thousands of participants across the country.

Tell Me More is energized to offer a platform to new voices on public radio and across social media, that connects communities of color with the traditional public radio audience. "Tell Me More lets me bring together two longtime passions," says Martin. "The intimacy and warmth you experience with powerful radio, and the lively, sharp debate that I enjoy having with friends of diverse backgrounds about things going on in the world."

The program's regular weekly segments have become appointment listening for spirited discussions of recent headlines. With the 'Barbershop' and the 'Beauty Shop', Martin leads no-holds-barred conversations on the news from men's and women's viewpoints. The regular 'Moms' segment, (which, of course, includes dads and grandparents) is one of the original segments and consistently among the most popular, featuring practical advice from every day parents and recognized experts. 'Faith Matters' addresses the powerful role of faith and spirituality in everyday life across denominations and faith traditions.

The 'Wisdom Watch' segment spotlights the views of distinguished 'elders' who are thought-leaders and influencers from around the world. A recent series featured some of Africa's most distinguished literary figures including Athol Fugard and Wole Soyinka. 'Money Coach' is a regular segment putting the focus on matters of personal finance and the economy with a particular focus on building financial literacy. The 'Political Chat' segments reflect on national affairs by gathering newsmakers, trusted analysts and sharp rising stars in the world of commentary from across the political spectrum. 'Behind Closed Doors' lifts the curtain on issues that most people tend to keep private.

Special programming is equally compelling across platforms. An audience favorite for three years, Muses and Metaphor, uses #TMMPoetry, to invite listeners to celebrate National Poetry Month by sharing poems at 140 characters or less on Twitter.

Tell Me More features vigorous discussions around news of the day, but Martin also leaves room to pursue stories that portray profound life experiences. 'Backtalk' opens up the program to listener feedback on the program; and in her regular 'Can I Just Tell You' essay, Martin offers a candid reflection on a particular story in the news that strikes her. The program is, in Martin's words, "a place to talk about important issues facing the country, a place to hear from people who intrigue you but whom you'd never meet otherwise, a place to hear people who are grappling with the issues that we face. It's the future, now."

Tell Me More is produced at the NPR worldwide headquarters in Washington, D.C. It is a production of NPR News in association with the African American Public Radio Consortium, representing 20 independent public radio stations that serve predominantly black communities.