Cynthia Lin: 'Blue and Borderlined' Chicago singer-songwriter Cynthia Lin has developed her own brand of acoustic music, blending elements of jazz with folk. She's been in love with writing and performing since winning a talent contest when she was six, for singing a song in Mandarin Chinese.

Cynthia Lin: 'Blue and Borderlined'

Cynthia Lin: 'Blue and Borderlined'

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Cynthia Lin's album is Blue and Borderlined. hide caption

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"People seem to be blown away when they see a little Asian girl singing with a big voice and a lot of soul. It's just what I do."

Cynthia Lin is a singer-songwriter out of Chicago by way of Washington, D.C. hide caption

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Cynthia Lin is a singer-songwriter out of Chicago by way of Washington, D.C.

Chicago-based singer-songwriter Cynthia Lin grew up with a commanding voice and a love for the stage - her first award-winning performance was at age six, and included a rendition of "Are you sleeping?" in Mandarin Chinese. But it was in her college years that she found her vocal freedom, when she discovered two very different artists: Ella Fitzgerald and Joni Mitchell. Embracing their range and agility, Cynthia learned the art of interpretation from Fitzgerald; from Mitchell, she learned that pop songs could be bittersweet, poetic and emotionally complex.

After graduating from Princeton University with a degree in economics and attempting a nine-to-five career in the Washington DC software industry, Cynthia returned to the stage with a batch of original songs written on acoustic guitar. Her blend of jazz and folk, as well as her heartfelt lyrics began to draw a loyal fanbase.

Since releasing an EP in January of 2005, Cynthia has become a regular on the touring circuit, performing at respected venues like DC's IOTA Club, Philly's World Cafe Live, New York's Rockwood Music Hall, and Chicago's Uncommon Ground.

The featured track is "Blue and Borderlined," the title track from her 2005 EP.