Was it His Evil Twin? The case against a former Bush aid is getting more and more interesting...
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Was it His Evil Twin?

I felt I had missed this so I wasn't going to blog about it... but it just keeps getting better and better. Claude Allen, President Bush's now ex-domestic adviser, has been charged with trying to get refunds for products he never purchased. He tried at least 25 times.

According to the AP, police documents say Allen admitted to the wrongdoing. But Allen's lawyer insists that it's just a misunderstanding. Okay, maybe so, maybe not... except that it turns out Allen has an identical twin brother, Floyd, who's had brushes with the law in the past. Claude is described repeatedly as the most goody-two-shoes kinda guy you'd ever met. Check out this New York Times piece from this morning that seems to imply that maybe the evil twin theory is correct.

And Joshua Micah Marshall's Talking Points Memo today has pictures of the twins and asks, who will put down 50 bucks on the evil twin theory.

I'll take that bet, Joshua...