Don't Miss: The SMS Revolution Murder, injustice and the beginnings of a movement exposed through SMS messaging in India.

Don't Miss: The SMS Revolution

Technology can make an impact in unobvious ways. It can blindside entrenched powers and authority, re-writing both society and politics.

In India, a murder, a growing middle class, a sense of injustice and the cell phone are causing a dramatic upheaval. A beautiful young woman was shot to death in a ritzy bar filled with the rich and powerful. Despite evidence that a son of one of the most privileged committed the crime, witnesses recanted their stories and the case was thrown out for insufficient evidence.

The rich getting away with murder is nothing new in any society. But a booming middle class in India, outraged by the case, found an outlet for its anger. They united through cell phones and text messaging, also known as SMS.

Check out the Philip Reeves piece from this morning. Really interesting stuff.