More Pleasantness Out of North Korea There are no disabled people in North Korea... because they are all killed, says a physician who defected.
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More Pleasantness Out of North Korea

Just how freaky scary is North Korea? That's right, boys and girls, really bloody freaky scary. Ri Kwang-chol is a physician who escaped to South Korea last year. He told a human rights forum in Seoul today that "there are no people with physical defects in North Korea." Why? Because they are pretty much all killed at birth. And just what is the South Korean government saying about the human rights abuses in North Korea? Yep, that's right, absolutely nothing. From a Reuters piece today:

"The South Korean government has refused to join international condemnation of human rights abuses in the North out of concern that such a move could rattle ties with Pyongyang, which considers any criticism of its human rights as deeply offensive.

"'The government should stop trying to avoid upsetting Kim Jong-il,' said another defector, Kim Young-sun, 67, referring to the North Korean leader. 'It should try to upset Kim Jong-il,' she said, adding it would be the best way to change the North.

"Kim Young-sun is a survivor of the North's Yodok prison camp, notorious for its forced labor and life-sentences for people charged with conspiring against the Kim Jong-il leadership."

The Yodok camp is the same prison where director Jung Sungsan was held and where he set his recent musical.