Don't Miss: Burns and Abramoff --The Ties that Bind Burns and Abramoff are to ethics as Velveeta is to cheese.
NPR logo Don't Miss: Burns and Abramoff --The Ties that Bind

Don't Miss: Burns and Abramoff —The Ties that Bind

I like Conrad Burns (R-MT). I think he's the most entertaining senator in Washington. I used to think Robert Byrd was the most entertaining because he plays a mean country fiddle. But once the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal broke, Sen. Burns moved to the top of my list. Why? Because Burns, as a certain blogger I know is fond of saying, "reaffirms my prejudices."

The senator is accused of funneling lots o' money to an already-wealthy Indian tribe... a tribe in Michigan, not in Burns' home state of Montana. Oh, and by the way, the money was slipped into a 2004 appropriations bill at the very last minute. Oh, and by the way, the tribe happened to be represented by Jack Abramoff.

Now, the entertaining part: Burns, who's up for re-election, took out some campaign ads, and in the most indignant of indignant tones said, "the charges against me are a bunch of...." (he did not fill in the blank). He's also said, "I wish Jack Abramoff had never been born."

John Ydstie has a piece this morning that lays out, in extraordinary detail, the back-door maneuvers (alleged), the politics (alleged), the money trail (alleged) and the senator's ties to Abramoff (not-so alleged).

And for the best breakdown I've seen of the Abramoff scandal, the politicians linked to him and their misdeeds (alleged), click here.