Thursday's Agenda: From the NPR News Meeting "Diplomacy gone wild" in Cancun and other news stories NPR will bring in today...
NPR logo Thursday's Agenda: From the NPR News Meeting

Thursday's Agenda: From the NPR News Meeting

Lots of amazing news before the editors even got into the building this morning:

Kidnapped journalist Jill Carroll is released in Iraq. She says she was never threatened. And in West Virginia, the sole-surviving man from the Sago mine disaster leaves the hospital and speaks briefly.

Other plans for today:

"Diplomacy Gone Wild": The president does a spring break three-way summit in Cancun. NPR's David Greene has his sober assessment.

Gay marriage: The Massachusetts high court rules that nonresident same-sex couples can't get married in the state.

Gale Norton: The interior secretary today declares that the nation has more wetlands than when Bush took office.

Immigration: Ooooh, catfight! Republican Senators Bill Frist and Arlen Specter are flashing their claws over guest-worker legislation.

Schaivo: One year after Terri Schiavo's death, Talk of the Nation will have a live call-in with her husband, Michael Schiavo at 3:15 p.m. EST.