Friday's NPR News Agenda Castro's not dead yet... but it's never too early to get ready.
NPR logo Friday's NPR News Agenda

Friday's NPR News Agenda

Internet rumors yesterday had Fidel Castro dead, even though Cuban officials deny it. Nobody around here believes the gossip, but at the 9:30 news meeting this morning there were reminders to update the already-in-the-can obituary, just in case.

Other stories expected today:

Iran Earthquake: Fewer than 100 reported dead. If the numbers escalate we'll go into full coverage.

Censure: Democrats are torn over a hearing today to censure President Bush. You'll find half the caucus hiding in the bathroom.

Moussaoui: The jurors in the sentencing trial are expected to knock off early today. Had their fill of crazy for the week.

Sept. 11 Tapes: Tapes from the terrorist attacks released today in New York. We have NPR's Margot Adler going through the 13 CDs worth of material.

Living Wills: One year after Terri Schiavo died, are people really filing more end-of-life directives? Day to Day will have the story.

"Divine Strake": The Pentagon will test a huge mother-freakin' bomb. All Things Considered has the shock and awe.