NPR News Agenda From the Friday Editor's Meeting Dan Brown wins. Immigration legislation loses. And everybody is talking about Peru.
NPR logo NPR News Agenda From the Friday Editor's Meeting

NPR News Agenda From the Friday Editor's Meeting

It's quiet around here. Too quiet. The NPR editors came to the morning meeting complaining about the "gaping news maw" and how to fill it. The problem is that a lot of things might happen today:

· Congress goes on a two-week recess on Monday, so it's time to legislate or get off the pot on immigration reform. NPR's political unit warns it might fizzle out today.

· That leaves protestors gearing up for nationwide protests on Monday. They will march on the Capitol, which will be empty.

· March employment numbers will be released. The president will brag about them in a speech today.

· Dan Brown is free! A London court rules that the author did not steal ideas for The Da Vinci Code.

· And, I kid you not, we'll have stories all weekend long on the elections in Peru including a Web voter's guide. We'll have so many stories, that people in Lima will be tuning in to NPR to figure out who to vote for.

Update: Oooooh. I'm in trouble. I just got this note from Lourdes Garcia-Navarro who is covering the elections in Peru:

"I'll have you know that this is an interesting vote - they'll either get a leftie or a woman. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear you say, whatever. But did you also know they have thousands of different types of potato here too?"