Friday Movies: 'Lucky Number Slevin' Are you feeling Lucky Number Slevin? Bob Mondello checks out the new thriller with Josh Hartnett and Bruce Willis.
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Friday Movies: 'Lucky Number Slevin'

A towel-clad Josh Hartnett may not be enough to keep you awake during Lucky Number Slevin. MGM/The Weinstein Company hide caption

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MGM/The Weinstein Company

Bob Mondello spent most of the week watching films that won't be in theatres for a while. (He says the beautifully titled Guys and Balls was the best of the bunch.) But Bob did catch one film that opens today. Here's his review:

Lucky Number Slevin didn't seem very lucky to me. Maybe it's just that I caught the far superior Brick last week, but during this alleged suspenser, I was falling asleep. This, despite a title character who's clad only in a towel and wandering all over Manhattan for almost half the film's running time. You'd think potential nudity — even involving someone as bland as Josh Hartnett — would be enough to keep the mind awake. But as the plot — about dueling gangsters and a grudge — raced through its complications, switching gears and doubling back on itself, keeping up started to seem pointless. Lucy Liu's cute, Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley struggle gamely to lend the film a smidgeon of dignity. Bruce Willis is just, well, crusty. But even though I did manage to keep the ol' lids raised throughout, what I saw only established that there wasn't much point.